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Speed Up Your Website with MaxCDN & Carrington Mobile

I’m going to show you simple tips for speeding up website with Content Delivery Network; which is simply a network of servers around the globe. A Ranking on the first page of Google seems to be getting more difficult, but Page speed is an important factor in ranking high on search engines.

Let’s first talk MaxCDN;

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is simply a network of servers around the globe. A CDN’s sole purpose is to deliver content to the visitor in the fastest way possible.

How MaxCDN Works

We start off by taking the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images, onto our network of servers, which will then store the files for later use.

When your CDN domain is called (e.g.: cdn.yourdomain.com), we will determine the fastest way to deliver files to the user, and then deliver the file to the user from our high-powered servers. – Maxcdn

In English; CDN makes your website/blog faster by storing files that don’t need to be reloaded everytime someone clicks on your blog or a different page. It’s like you have to build something on the third floor of a building with a broken elevator. Instead of going to the first  floor to pick up the tools needed every time. You simply take every tool needed and store it on the third floor. This would simply make your work faster and easier.

You might begin to wonder why MaxCDN

The faster your website is, the happier you users will be and MaxCDN is recommended by top SEO guy Yoast and most importantly it has been tested by me and I can assure you it can be trusted to improve your site speed and it would also reduce the load on your server drastically.

The monetary aspect is also a catch, MaxCDN offers a lot of discount offers to both new and existing users.

How To Set It Up

Recommended: WP Super Cache (Easier to use)

Best: WP Total Cache (Very solid but has a lot of settings that can easily confuse you.)

Read how to use MaxCDN here

Carrington Mobile Theme

A mobile-friendly theme for your blog. Best used with (and included with) the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin. Supports basic mobile browsers as well as advanced and touch-screen browsers with a display optimized for each. Built on the Carrington framework.


This theme is suitable if you have a lot of your traffic coming from countries with poor internet connection. Responsive websites are more modern but not everyone has a smartphone and good internet connection.

You can even determine what smartphone get’s theme by using this useful wordpress plugin; Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro. You can get it free by simply donating $0.

Carrington mobile theme is a very basic theme and that’s what makes it great and leaves it with some few niggles that can be solved.

  1. Replace Carrington theme search box with Google custom search box

  2. Carrington mobile theme with Spam Free WordPress plugin

  3. Carrington mobile theme footer customization

  4. Remove date from Carrington mobile theme excerpts page

  5. Carrington mobile theme with WordPress SEO by Yoast

You can do the following by following the tutorial available here

Make Images and Video Resize Properly

The images and videos on carrington mobile doesn’t resize properly. Be calm and fix it by following the tutorial here or install this plugin

Add Your Menu

Carrington Mobile doesn’t use menus, instead it uses pages, To add the menu function simply add it by reading how to add menu’s in wordpress themes here.

If you find all this complex use the contact form I would hook you up with someone to do it for you.

Additionally, it is recommended you use a caching plugin to further enhance your site load speed and visitor’s experience.

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  1. Syntocode May 21, 2015

    Nice writeup you’ve got here, Carrington is indeed a great theme. I wrote a comprehensive tutorial on how to completely customize it, you can read it here http://syntocode.com/install-customize-carrington-mobile-theme-wordpress/ . Cheers

  2. Gig 'n' Trick July 25, 2015

    Bro, I love you [#NoHomo] so much for giving me this that i’ve sourcing and diving into websites… Keep it up, your blog is actually one of the best solution solving for bloggers that i’ve met ok. God should bless you more for me. THANKS!!!!

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