The Official Ranks In The Nigerian Police Force

Ranks In Nigeria Police Force

The Ranks In Nigeria Police Force are divided across three structures; Administrative, Authority and Organizational structure. The authority ranks in Nigeria police force (NPF), from top to bottom is the Inspector General of police down to the constable.

The Authority Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

Ranks In Nigeria Police Force

The Inspector-General of Police

In accordance with section 215(2) of the 1999 Constitution, section 6 of the Police Act, 1990,  “the Force shall be commanded by the Inspector-General of Police”.

This simply means that orders, directives and instructions to carry out the duties with which the Police is carried, flows from the Inspector-General of Police, through the chain of Command, to any Officer positioned to implement such order.

The office of the Inspector General of Police is the highest rank in the Nigeria Police force.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police

According to section 7(1) of the Police Act, the Deputy Inspector General of Police is the second in Command of the Force and shall so act for him in the Inspector-General’s absence.

Section 5 of the Act makes room for as many DIGs as the Nigeria Police Council considers appropriate. Every other rank below the IG, takes order of Command from him, in the performance of their lawful duties.

The Asst. Inspector-General of Police

The Office of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police is provided for by section 5 and 8 of the Police Act. He shall act for the Inspector-General of Police in the event of the absence of the Inspector-General of Police and Deputy Inspector-General of Police

The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state)

Section 5 of the Police Act, in accordance with the provisions of section 215 (2), of the Nigeria Constitution, provides for the Office and rank of a Commissioner of Police who shall be in Control of contingents of the Police Force stationed in a State. He is subject however, to the command of the Inspector-General of Police or who-so-ever acts for him, in his absence.

Every other rank in the Force is legally provided for by section 5 of the Police Act. The Command structure of the Nigeria Police can be presented in order of hierarchy as in the chain here under.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police

The Asst. Commissioner of Police

The Chief Superintendent of Police

The Superintendent of Police

The Deputy Superintendent of Police

The Asst. Superintendent of Police

The Inspector of Police

Sergeant Major




The Administrative Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

The Nigeria Police is administratively structured and divided into departments: ‘A’ – ‘G’ with each department charged with peculiar duties. Although their duties are inter-woven, they are distinguishable.


Direction, supervision and co-ordination of the various department within the Nigerian Police Force


Responsible for Planning and organizing internal security measures and monitoring the execution of such security measures in the country


Responsible for the supply of needed tools the Nigerian Police force needs to operate.

These includes; uniforms, planning of building programmes, construction and maintenance of Police Buildings and quarters, determination of costs of all equipment, e.g. vehicles, planes, Helicopters; Wireless equipment, Bomb Disposal equipment, Force Animals, Arms & Ammunition and other riot equipment, Boats, Medical, Stationers, Spare parts, Printing equipment.


This department is responsible for criminal Investigations; Interpol, Antiguitics, Crime Prevention Policies, Narcotics, Forensic Matters, Crime Records, Prosecution and Criminal Intelligence.


Formulation and implementation of a training policy and plan for the Nigerian Police Force. Well researched training programmes to keep pace with modern thought in the field of training, staff development and equipment.


The ‘F’ department is responsible for research, Planning, Inspectorate Division, Management Information, Organization and Method


The ICT department has become an important department and rightly so, as ICT has become a very important tool in fighting crime.

It is tasked with the duties of developing and implenting ICT Policies and programmes for the Nigeria Police Force.


The office of the force secretary is tasked with the duties of Promotion and appointment of Superior Police Officers, Deployment of Superior Police Officers, keeping records of Superior Police Officers, Discipline of Superior Police Officers, Police Council meeting, Inter-Ministerial matter; and Promotion Boards.

The Organizational Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

The Nigeria Force is further structured in line with the geo-political structure of the Country, with provisions for supervisory formations. The structure formation enables Police operational of the internal Territory of Nigeria.

The organisational structure of the Police Force is represented as shown below:

Force Headquarters

Zonal Headquarters

State Commands Headquarters

Area Commands Headquarters

Divisional Police Headquarters

Police Station

Police Post

Village Police Post.

This structure is supposed to help the entire populace feel the impact of the Nigerian Police Force.

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